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Billy_Rose [userpic]

random thoughtaaaaage

March 10th, 2009 (02:43 pm)

current location: in my field of paper flowers...
current mood: contemplative
current song: Losing grip - Avril Lavigne

Anybody else find that if they listen to too many good songs from avril lavigne (good meaning not this new shit but stuff like losing grip and even sk8r boi) they get in a weird mood? cuz that music starts feeling heavy after a while - to me at least *shrugs*

hm... soccer starts up in april, but I'll only be able to go on saturdays so we'll have to see how long I deal with that shit

not to self - get on your lazy ass and make some fucking repo avs...

being sick sucks, as does the ending to dodgeball
anybody ever watch that hot main chick in the movie kiss her girlfriend, turn to vince vaughn while saying "I'm not a lesbian, I'm bisexual", kiss him IN FRONT of her girlfriend and wonder, damn, how is she not getting bitched at right there? because every time I see the end of the movie, I'm rooting for that girlfriend to slap the crap out of hot main chick whose name I can't be bothered to remember
cuz... wtf that is messed up *nods*

I miss angry little 'punk rock' wannabe avril - this blonde pop shit is bothersome on so many levels... *sigh*

hm... awesome fic was updated today - not sure if anyone's ever read Bluestangeldust's Fallen from Grace (rei/serena, rei/minako, rei/hotaru) but the fic that was updated was loosely based on some of the stuff in that, I think - it's very different, not just in fandom (Fallen is sailor moon, and the other one isTeen Titans)
oh, fic that was updated is xXh3rsh3yXx's Left to Love (raven/Starfire, raven/blackfire, raven/terra)
both are very well done, so if anyone is interested in them fandoms... you should check them out, even if those pairings aren't your cup o tea


Posted by: Christopher (emperorinsanity)
Posted at: March 11th, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
Jo - Lethal

WOO REPO! Well, maybe me wanting some avs will get you off your. . .how did you put it? lazy ass! :P Been listening to that music on my mp3 player! Love Graverobber and Nathan! Not to mention for the girls: Shilo, Blind Mag, and the Genterns! ^_^

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