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Billy_Rose [userpic]


August 9th, 2009 (08:13 pm)
current location: in my field of paper flowers...
current song: Survive - Lacuna Coil

Oh, My, God
I went to Band Camp  today, saw part of Deaf peds, since october, hed pe, lacuna coil, and dope, and Lacuna Coil was so fucking amazing
They were the best performance there, I swear - the first band to get people moshing around, even
I bought their cd as soon as they were done

I took my bro with me and he liked hed pe so I got them their cd, and the lead singer of Hed PE was walkin' around smokin' a cigar and chatting with people, so my bro got the cd signed ^_^

amazing day, and I was really surprised at how awful weed smoke smells - I thought it was bo until my brother was like "Dude no.."
Anyway, the smoke gave me a headache, and I should head off before my head explodes